• Home Theater – the ability to design, spec, install, program, and support
    unique product designs regardless of the space or situation
  • Distributed Audio – music and media easily accessed around the home or
    business and controlled on the move by all members of the family or staff
  • Security – the ability to secure a structure and remotely control and “check
    in” on the structure via internet through different smart devices
  • Surveillance – Cameras for day or night tracking of a space or property, Digital
    Video Recorders to allow for storage of images or viewing from other
    locations on smart devices, similar to security
  • Data Wiring / Systems – installing an infrastructure for Audio / Video / Data
    Exchange that is reliable, organized, tidy, and expandable. It is the backbone
    of every modern electronic system.
  • Repair and Re-configure poorly designed and installed systems-taking
    unfinished projects or poor designs and finishing them to your original vision
  • Design Consultation with our formal accreditation and experience in design
    and implementation technology, we consistently exceed our client’s expectations